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New feature of Google personalised search?

Posted by Tony On April - 9 - 2012

Take care what your highly ranked for!!

Image of Puzzled Blue Man genieI just carried out a normal search and clicked the top entry in the search results. It wasn’t what I wanted so I hit the back arrow. The top entry in the results now had an additional line “Block all results”. When I moused over this line, a message popped up saying “Not helpful? You can block results when you’re signed into search” – N.B. real url not shown for obvious reasons. Surely it’s Google fault if the top entry in their search results isn’t what I was looking for not the top ranked website.

Wasn’t it bad enough that Google Analytics now doesn’t provide search phrases (keywords) of your website visitors if they’re logged into Google when they search – the much criticised and challenged “Not provided”.

Is anyone else seeing this new blocking message? Has anyone seen an announcement from Google about it?

Will this really improve search results?

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