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Monday 6th February happened to be the first official Google Page rank update process for this year and Google updates the page rank of each web page each 3 or 4 months. There was a large amount of bloggers and webmasters who have looked up to that week for their site page rank status– the majority of them looking for a lift in page rank, while a few expected Google to pardon their blogs from being demoted to a lesser rank.


About 60 % of blogs will get demoted due to one reason or the other. Some bloggers have engaged in some black hat SEO techniques since the last update to help their blogs get solid page rank at all cost by forging it for Google. I wonder why many bloggers engage in black hat SEO when they already knew that Google will inevitably catch them.

What countless bloggers out there are already engaging themselves in right now is random link exchanging activities, instead of focusing on high quality and trust worthy links. Google recognizes the majority of such tricks and if you are attempting to trick bots by getting more than what you’ve been getting within a specific period of time during this update, you might endanger yourself more.


Danny Sullivan just recently posted an article telling us of what Google has in plan for its update and, according to that report, it shows that Google Panda update is in the pipeline. With this knowledge, it means that many of the blogs and sites out there may be under Google Panda update axe once again if they aren’t having quality and helpful contents.

The last 10 % of blogs and sites on the internet will still continue to remain on the same spot, not because they aren’t good for PR upgrade or because they are bad, but because that is what those blogs are worth in ranking.

Guest posting on other sites has shown to be more successful when it comes to getting good blogs to recommend your website for search engine bots to sees it as a good information resource place.

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